Preview How Your Facebook Profile Looks To Others

I was looking at my friend’s Facebook profile and suddenly a thought came to my mind that how my profile looks to my friends or others. Can someone view my contact info whom I do not know, I was worried about my profile privacy. Then I asked my friend for his ID and password so that I can check how my profile looks to him.

To view your info how it looks to others no need to do this you can directly preview your profile, nobody else’s password is required. Just enter the name of any of your friend, you will be able to watch the preview how it looks to him.

Steps to view your profile preview:

Go in the Account > Privacy Settings (the below page appears > Select View Settings.


Click on Preview My Profile button.


Enter the name of your friend or someone in the text box, you want to check how your profile looks to him.


This way you can keep your profile more secure. Do you find this article useful, let me know through your comments.

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