Preview How Your Facebook Profile Looks To Others

I was looking at my friends Facebook profile and suddenly a thought came to my mind that how my profile looks to my friends or others. Can someone view my contact info whom I do not know, I was worried about my profile privacy. Then I asked my friend for his ID and password so that I can check how my profile looks to him.

What you should do in case of Hacked Facebook account [user query]

Mail by a reader: Please help in figuring out what’s happening with my facebook account. A person whom I know but not facebook friend knows when I log in and whom I search on Facebook. How is this possible. Is my account hacked? Please explain me briefly how it is possible. Do you think the […]

Best privacy settings for your Facebook profile, a social networking website which is well-known for its awesome privacy features. But still most of the Facebook users are either using recommended privacy settings (which sucks I must say) or they hardly care about them. But let me tell you one thing that safety is first when you use any websites online specially […]

How to disable tags with Facebook Places

Facebook Places has been widely reported and a lot of Facebook users have started using it. One of its features is that you can be tagged by other friends on Facebook Places. Some people might not liked being tagged at all as there it highlights your profile to people who might not be in your […]

Orkut simplifies settings and themes

Orkut today announced some changes to the layout of it’s settings which will allow for great ease and control over privacy and other settings you have regarding your Orkut account. Is that a jab to Facebook and its privacy issues? 😉 So now it Orkut settings are neatly tucked under Orkut settings as you can […]

How to get back your old Facebook privacy settings

Recently Facebook changed all it’s privacy settings and by default your personal information like wallposts, photos, profile pics, info e.t.c became visible to everyone who’s on Facebook. But this new privacy feature isn’t irreversible, you can easily get back your private and protected profile back, just follow the steps given below. Step 1: From your […]

All about “Block People”/”Ignore User” on Facebook

“Block people” is one of the most advanced feature by Facebook. There are 300 million Facebook users now but still mostly aren’t aware of this “block people” option and they don’t even know that what happens when you ignore somebody on Facebook. Don’t worry we have all your answers, after all you are on FacebooKnol […]