Privacy Alert: Facebook wants your Phone Number!

Just now as I was checking my updates on Facebook I was prompted to enter my phone number so that in case if I forget my password then the password will be sent to me on my phone.

When it comes to giving my phone number anywhere, I am extra careful. Everyone owning a phone is aware of the fact that your phone numbers should not be disclosed on a public platform. With so much going on against the Facebook people when it comes to privacy, I dont think Facebookers can be sure that their number will not be available for other people to see.

I personally will not go for such a thing! But, if you wish to try and have a doubt that you may forget the password sometime and you may get a nice help if you have given your phone number , then you can choose to make it visible to you only.

In the image above you can see that its asking for the phone number.

What if your Facebook account gets hacked?


If suppose your Facebook account is hacked, and you send a request by phone and ask Facebook to reply you back with a new password. You will get it, but imagine if the person has access to your account he knows your phone number and not to mention the other information that was meant to be private.

My suggestion!

Never mention any such information on Facebook that you dont want the other people to know. Yes, you can hide things and make them visible to only yourself but what if some day your account is hacked. Everything including your information is gone! At times, you don’t share your phone number even with your friends then imagine sharing it with everyone!

What do you think about it? Are you going to give your phone number to Facebook? Share your views with me.

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4 replies on “Privacy Alert: Facebook wants your Phone Number!”

  1. Ya it prompted me too and I had given it 🙁
    I think its from official facebook so there must be no problem in giving it to fb unless I know the security/privacy features. 🙂

    1. Dont worry Mukul.
      I have given it long back.
      It will come handy when you will really loose your password, unless the person who steal your password changes mobile number associated with your profile. 😉
      As far as privacy is concern, set your mobile number NOT to be displayed to anyone except you.

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