Quickcast: Create and share 3 minute screencasts on OS X

Quickcast is a free app that lets you record screencasts and share them in no time, on Mac.

Most screensharing apps are complex, pricey and are targetted for professional video editors. If you ever want to quickly snap a video to share your screen with any one, you wouldn’t use something like Camtasia.

Quickcast, as the name suggests, lets you record and share screencasts in a jiffy!


The process is really simple, you select the part of screen to get recorded (or select whole screen), toggle Microphone and Camera on/off and start recording.

You can record for a maximum of 3 minutes and as recording is done, the video is automatically uploaded to its site and link is copied to clipboard.

There are some neat additions like, if your video’s length is than 10 seconds and the screencast area is less than 300x300px, Quickcast will output a GIF instead of a normal MP4 video file.

You can give title, description (in Markdown!) and tag the video.

Quickcast is free and open source. It’s Mac-only right now, but because it’s open source, I’m sure some one will port it to Windows and Linux too.

Link: Quickcast