Reading List for the Weekend [06 October 2013]

This weekend we are kicking off a new feature called “Reading List”. Our staff often come across a lot of great articles online which we share across various our own social media profiles. I thought why not share links to these articles with our readers on a weekly basis. These are not small snippets of news but are long analytic posts which need to be read at leisure, hence sharing these on a Sunday.

  1. And then Steve said “Let there be an iPhone – on Steve Jobs death anniversary, this New York Times article gives us a behind the scenes look at Steve Jobs’ involvement with the iPhone leading upto it’s announcement. This is done through the experiences of a senior Apple engineer..
  2. They’re (Almost) All Dirty: The State of Cheating in Android Benchmarks – this article on AnandTech takes a in-depth look at Android phone benchmarks, where apparently cheating on benchmarks is rampant. Only Motorola seems to get a clean chit in this article.
  3. How Google Taught Itself Good Design – While Google has improved the design UI of its services across web and mobile apps is not really news. But this article takes a long detailed look at how Google went from a company that ignored design to a company that now puts design as a priority.
  4. IBM’s SAGE 1956 – At the height of the cold war between the US and the then USSR, the primary obsession for the US government was to scan the skies for Soviet bombers. This article takes us on a history tour of how the IBM SAGE came into existence.
  5. Awesome Virtual Reality of GTA V  (Timelapse Video) – This is not really a article but is a timelapse video. It is beautiful but the unique part of it is that the world it captures is entirely virtual. This timelapse video uses scenery from the best selling video game GTA V. It surely shows us how far virtual reality games have come.

Would you like this recommended list to be a regular feature? Do drop in your comments.

Naweed Chougle contributed to this post. If you want to suggest articles in next week’s reading list, send you recoomendations to [email protected]