Read Your Kindle Books on the Browser!

Cloud Reader is a new web app by Amazon with which you can read the Kindle books you bought. Amazon offers Kindle for PC which does the same thing, but a web app is always useful.

Features of Cloud Reader

  • Read Kindle books online or even offline.
  • Has a really nice customizable interface, wish Google Reader has something like this.
  • Ability to bookmark pages while reading long ebooks.
  • Ebooks can be downloaded for offline reading. To download an Ebook, right-click on the Ebook cover and select Download and Pin Book. You can use downloaded Ebooks from the Downloaded section.
  • You can also sync the last page read with your Kindle (if you have one!), so you need to search for that page again.
Amazon’s Kindle store does have many free Ebooks apart from paid ones, all you need is a Kindle account to get the Ebook.

Cloud Reader currently supports only Chrome and Safari. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Cloud Reader on Chrome | Cloud Reader (for Safari)