Finally we can see everybody who’s online on Facebook chat

A recent change in Facebook chat was one of most disliked changes in Facebook design and that was also one of the major reasons why Facebook is loosing it’s popularity. But this is for the first time that Facebook changed something after getting so many complaints and  requests. And the main reason for this change was a major hidden bug in that Facebook Chat.

new facebook chat

This bug was that Facebook Chat wasn’t showing all the friends on it even when they are online and available for chat. Rather it was showing top friends only who either recently interacted with you or most interacted. The reason for this bug was the absence of a scroll bar in the Chat. It was only showing 18 friends (a combination of online and top friends).

facebook chat new

But after so many complaints and requests (so called Facebook feedback) Facebook finally introduced a scroll bar in it with which you can see all your online and available to Chat friends just by scrolling down. However the default 18 Chat friends will be your tops friends only. Roll over your mouse to Chat sidebar to see that Scroll bar. If it’s not yet available for you then either you have less than 18 friends available for chat or this feature isn’t yet available for your profile.

Official Announcement:

After we made changes to Facebook Chat a few weeks ago, we got a lot of feedback that people missed seeing all of their online friends. Today, we made a change so that Chat now shows the friends who you message the most, as well as the rest of your friends who are currently online.

So what do you think about this feature? Is it gonna save the sinking image of Facebook?