Redesign Google Reader with Google Redesigned for Firefox!

Previously Gmail users used Gmail redesigned GreaseMonkey based scripts to improve the looks of their Gmail inbox, but later on, with the introduction of ‘Themes’ in Gmail, many users using Gmail Redesigned scripts left it over and migrated to themes option as it was officially being provided by Google. And now, many Google reader users demanded Google for ‘themes’ option in Google reader as well.

Though there’s no official support to redesign the looks of Google reader, Globex Designs have launched Google redesigned add-on for firefox users that would help you redesign not only Google reader but Gmail and Google calendar as well. 🙂

As this is a firefox compatible add-on you will have to install firefox first and then head into this page and install Google Redesigned add-on.

Here are some screenshots on how Google products would look after installing this cool add-on

Google Reader:

Google Calendar:


Link: Google Redesigned | Firefox

[Via Life Hacker]


Solid Blogger February 9, 2009

It’s cool man. Looking lovely.

Gautam February 10, 2009

I used to use this