[TIP] Open Original Post Links Inside Google Reader!

Following a blog on RSS reader is a great way to keep track of your blog subscriptions. I literally follow hundreds of blogs and never feel overwhelmed thanks to Google Reader. Reading a post on Google Reader is usually a great experiance, especially if the content is complete. Unfortunately sometimes the content is only a […]

Google Reader Gets Revamped to Mixed Response!

Being an avid user of Google Reader, I’ve been waiting for the interface revamp which other Google services like Docs, Translate etc. got long ago. This morning Google Reader started rolling out their new interface and also integrating with Google+. That’s how Reader looks, now. You can see they have made the interface very clear […]

5 Reasons I switched from Google Reader to Feedly

I’ve been using Google Reader since a long time, from the day I started blogging. But lately I’ve searching for some alternatives and Feedly was a perfect match for me. I know it’s definitely hard to switch from a service after using for years, but Feedly is worth a try. (Click on image for enlarged […]

Readings: A replacement for Google Reader!

UPDATE: Readings the service has been made unavailable at the moment. There are many apps which act as replacement for Google Reader (Feedly, for instance), but I never liked any of them. Reason is simple, I can’t cope up with their interface, which is completely different from that of Google Reader. On the other hand, […]