Redirect New Tabs on Chrome to User Specified URLs

I have always liked customized productive Chrome start pages, but lately I have preferred to set the new tab to open to my list of bookmarks or my browser history.

Just download the New Tab Redirect extension on your Chrome browsers and look up its settings.

I usually prefer set the redirect to Chrome specific pages like looking the full list of Extensions, History, Downloads or my bookmarks.

Opening up my bookmarks manager as the new tab is actually a very productive tip and I personally found it better than any other customized new start pages for Chrome.

The settings will allow you to choose a certain URLs which could be your favourite websites too but that can be done without the use of a extension.

Chrome also has some lesser known pages like looking up Plugins (chrome://plugins/) and Memory Cache (chrome://cache/) which are available in this redirection extension.

Bonus Tip: Type in chrome://about/url in the address bar to get a list of all Chrome URLs.

If you liked this extension, chances are you are a Chrome fan and might like looking up these widgets to customize the new tab page along with a host of other options.

Link: New Tab Redirect