Register Your Brand with Google+ : Google+ Entity

Google+ has decided to not allow fake names or fake ids for creating Google+ profiles, much like Facebook does. Facebook pages are a goldmine for brand managers to really engage fans and followers daily with updates and even helping with customer service. For blogs like the one you are reading this article one, a Facebook page is a must for people to follow and look up articles.

Google+ has to have something similar to Facebook pages to compete against it. At the moment Google is allowing businesses to register with Google+ Entity profile.

It is still experimental and it will be used see the effect of brands with the Google+ experience.

If you are looking to join Google+ Entity program, register here.

Do you think Google+ can come up with something more interesting than Facebook Pages? I guess if they allow more customizable option, it could be quite the killer idea.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Google+ Entity Application

One Comment

Varma July 15, 2011

I think Google has Turned OFF the registration form.

It looks like the form “Google+ Entity Profile Application” is turned off.

It seems like google+ is getting great love from brands and brands are trying anyway to get into it 🙂