Remove Google Chrome Unique ID with UnChrome


Whenever you install Google Chrome on your computer, Google Chrome assigns a Unique ID to you which will be used by Google to monitor browsing habits like the websites you visit. If you do not want Google to monitor your browsing habits and to save your privacy, you can safely remove the Chrome Unique ID without affecting your PC or creating any problems with Google Chrome.

UnChrome does just that. It removes the Unique ID very easily without affecting the functionality of Chrome. It’s safe to use UnChrome, and you need to use this only once after installing Google chrome.


To remove Chrome Unique ID:

  • Download UnChrome
  • Save to your hard drive
  • Close all windows running with Google Chrome
  • Run UnChrome
  • Click Remove Unique ID now

…and that’s it… from now on you can use Chrome without a Unique ID.

Link: Download UnChrome

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