Remove Sidebar From Google Search-Permanent Fix

A couple of days back Ruchi told about an interesting and simple trick to get old layout of Google back. As she mentioned in that post, there is a possibility that Google might update the link and the trick might stop working.

So let’s see what other options we have apart from that to remove the sidebar from Google search page.

Depending on your web browser, you can follow one of these tricks:

1) Firefox: Download the Grease Monkey script “REMOVE Google Sidebar”. This script does what its name says- it removes the sidebar from Google search page. There is one drawback however. For split of a second the search page shows the sidebar, before removing it. This can be distracting at times.

Read how to use Grease Monkey scripts with Firefox.

2) Chrome: Chrome users can install “Hide Google Options” extensions. This works the same way as the Grease Monkey script for Firefox. You can turn it on or off by single click depending on your preference.

Hide Google Options Turned Off

Search Result With the extension turned off

Hide Google Options Turned On

Search Result With the extension turned on

3) Internet Explorer: If you use Google as your home page then you can change the home page to This however is not a permanent solution and will work only till the time Google doesn’t apply sidebar feature to this link.

Hope those of you who want to remove the sidebar from search page can easily do it now. I personally like it since it allows me to filter my search in all possible ways. But there are many who prefer the earlier clean search page and feel that the new search page is more cluttered.

So are you going to remove it, or like me you also prefer the new feature?


jaganmangat May 20, 2010

thank u very nice,its pretty helpful….

Rajeel May 20, 2010

Thanks for helping to turn it off. It’s the most annoying part in search..

Anshul May 21, 2010

Glad to be of help 🙂