Find if a website has a Grease Monkey script available

If you like social networks, Gmail or just about any site, chances are there is a helpful GreaseMonkey script on it. It would be really nice if while on a website I had a simpler way of looking up a GreaseMonkey script than actually searching for it.

This is where Greasefire Addon is very helpful.

5 great GreaseMonkey Scripts for your Facebook accounts

Well here are some of my favourite Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox users that totally enhance the Facebook experience. 🙂 Ever wondered how cool it might be if you are able to see the highlighted birthdays on your homepage, clean out your Facebook wall with less advertisements, manage your homepage the way you want it to be and many more.

Get old Google Doodles on your search page

Google started using Doodles on their search pages for some fun I guess. But this fun started to become a tradition of sorts and many times while on Google we wonder what is next?

Amongst all the Google Doodles there are a few which are my favorite ones. Like the one below from 2007 celebrating the 60th Independence day. I wish there was a way to get these doodles back on when I visit with my browser. Unfortunately the doodle comes with a expiry date as it is supposed to only celebrate something special on that particular day.

Log into multiple Gmail accounts on Firefox [Video]

I am sure a many of you have Gmail accounts and if you frequent internet a lot you might have two or even Gmail accounts. Sometimes for a backup, sometimes to keep work and personal related emails separate majority of us might have two Gmail accounts. For instance I have two accounts, one was a […]