Restrict Google Country Specific Redirection Page

Google redirects their homepage to a country specific domain based on the user’s IP address. For example, if I am in India and type in, I am automatically redirected to

While this is a very useful feature, especially while carrying out a local search, it is desirable to shift to page and carry out the search.

Restrict Google’s Redirection Page

You can also restrict Google from redirecting you to a country specific search or results page by appending the URL with “/ncr”.

So for example you can type in “” in your browser and you will not be redirected to a local domain like say “”.

Hence no matter wherever you are in the world, it will restrict Google from redirecting you to a country specific page.

NCR is a abbrevation of No Country Restriction. Thanks to Gokul for the tip.

Do try this out and drop in your comments.

Link: Google NCR


Gokul Sukumar August 13, 2012


Your Most Welcome! 🙂

Rakshit Thakker August 13, 2012

Same trick works for blogger/ blogspot blogs

Aditya Kane August 14, 2012

@Rakshit: Thanks. Was not aware of it working on blogs.

Anshuman August 13, 2012

You can also click on the link in the bottom-right corner……:)

Aditya Kane August 14, 2012

@Anshuman: I know, for that you have load up first on the browser to find the link. This way it works from the address bar itself. 😉

chirag singhal August 13, 2012

i think during our search google should ask for an option if we want the search to be global of for our country only….

Aditya Kane August 14, 2012

@Chirag: They redirect to country-specific domains, mainly for showing relevant information for local services, especially from say a mobile phone.

Maksat Hanja August 14, 2012

Sometimes NCR doesn’t work. You can simply change language preferences here,

Aditya Kane August 14, 2012

@Maksat: Thanks for the link, but this is not really so much about language preferences but about redirection to country-specific domain. For instance we in India are re-directed to but that page is not in a different language. For changing the language we have to go to the link you mentioned.

Pratap Nikam August 22, 2012
also works. but you always need to type https before
also there is chrome and
firefox extension https everywhere
which redirects every site to https if it is supporting to .

Aditya Kane August 22, 2012

@Pratap: Thanks for the Chrome and Firefox extensions but I do not see how it stops redirecting to country specific URL on google. If I type in it still re-directs me to webpage.

Pratap Nikam August 22, 2012

@Aditya: I thinks it works only in chrome.