Restrict Google Country Specific Redirection Page

Google redirects their homepage to a country specific domain based on the user’s IP address. For example, if I am in India and type in, I am automatically redirected to

While this is a very useful feature, especially while carrying out a local search, it is desirable to shift to page and carry out the search.

Restrict Google’s Redirection Page

You can also restrict Google from redirecting you to a country specific search or results page by appending the URL with “/ncr”.

So for example you can type in “” in your browser and you will not be redirected to a local domain like say “”.

Hence no matter wherever you are in the world, it will restrict Google from redirecting you to a country specific page.

NCR is a abbrevation of No Country Restriction. Thanks to Gokul for the tip.

Do try this out and drop in your comments.

Link: Google NCR

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    1. @Maksat: Thanks for the link, but this is not really so much about language preferences but about redirection to country-specific domain. For instance we in India are re-directed to but that page is not in a different language. For changing the language we have to go to the link you mentioned.

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