Popular News Reader app Pulse releases an HTML5 app for the web

Android and iPhone users are familiar with Pulse, a gorgeous news reader app providing an interactive way to consume news. Till now, Pulse wasn’t available on the web, except that you could able to read your ‘saved’ articles online.

But not anymore, the team behind this app has made a slick HTML5 app which is also part of Microsoft’s IE 10 marketing campaign (along with Cut The Rope).

Pulse webapp

The app sports responsive design, which means it will work on any device, from 3.5″ smartphone to a 27″ monitor. You can add popular blogs to your feed and also categorize them.

The app lets you customize the layout, and also you can save articles for later. If you’ve an iPhone/Android, make sure you install Pulse app, which will be in perfect sync with the webapp.

There’s no way to add blogs through an OPML file, which can be a big problem if you subscribe to a lot of blogs. I can make out that the app is not suitable for power users, because it’s not exactly a RSS reader nor is it as productive as Google Reader.

On a side note, if you’re a web designer/developer who wants to know how they were able to port the app to web, check out Pulse’s blog post.

Pulse on IE10

As shown in the video, Pulse looks amazing on IE10 on Surface tablet – it’s fully optimized for touch and blends with the metro layout.

Link: Pulse