Get Rid of Autorun Virus with USB Immunizer

Autorun.inf, the very well known virus carrier can now be immunized using Bitdefender’s USB Immunizer. This Autorun technology (introduced by Microsoft) has grabbed lots of hatred from security experts. Autorun.inf is a configuration file which knows what actions to perform when a new removable device is attached, but this is used by malware for spreading virus on to other computers (when the same USB is plugged into another computer).

BitDefender USB Immunizer

  • Using Bitdefender’s USB Immunizer you can immunize your computer and USB, thus no more virus spread. USB Immunizer actually disables the Autorun feature and deactivates the Autorun.inf file thus the malware can’t modify it.
  • The only disadvantage I found is you can’t activate Autorun once you deactivate using USB Immunizer, so think twice before you take action. 😀


  • One of the best alternatives to USB Immunizer is Panda Research USB Vaccine. Even it does the same i.e. disabling Autorun but I would prefer USB Immunizer to USB Vaccine as USB Vaccine needs installation while USB Immunizer is a portable app (doesn’t need installation).
  • There may be more alternatives but think twice before downloading any such apps because there are many fake apps which promise to immunize Autorun.inf file but do the reverse (checkout Lavasoft’s rogue apps page).

Another interesting thing I found is, even though I immunized my computer using USB Immunizer, USB Vaccine still shows my computer is not immunized, strange!

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Link: Bitdefender USB ImmunizerPanda Research USB Vaccine


Prashant Rohilla May 8, 2011

Thanks Vibin, i think the Autorun Virus For USB is the most Common problem for all, this will help !

vibin May 8, 2011

Yeah, it’s one of the widely spreading virus.

Can Ersöz May 8, 2011

Hi, i am from turkey, its very good tecnologi but I think in turkey we can see it soon 🙂

blog May 8, 2011

Many of software or music files send virus from bad sites. You give nice way to got rid from virus.

Shubham May 12, 2011

Which one do you use/prefer Vibin..? 😀 Bitdefender USB Immunizer or Panda Research USB Vaccine?

vibin May 13, 2011

I already mentioned in the article that I would prefer USB immunizer to USB vaccine as USB vaccine is a software(which needs installation) while USB immunizer is an app(Works without installation)