Customize Your Google Reader Layout with Reader Plus

Google Reader layout and other features can be customized along with adding social buttons to share posts. This can be done with Reader Plus a Chrome browser extension.

RSS Feeds are what usually feed the success of blog in the long run. Any tech enthusiast probably has several blogs he is following on Google Reader. If you are a blogger then these blog feeds can go upto the several hundreds.

I like Google Reader a lot, but there is a lot left to be desired in terms of customizing the layout, showing favicons and also rearranging the entire way feeds are shown. Reader Plus Chrome extension, allows customizing Google Reader in many different ways.


Features of Reader Plus

  • Reader Plus does have a more than a few themes to choose from when it comes to the Google Reader page. I could even create my own personal theme, specifying colours along with even fonts I wanted the feeds to show up on.
  • There are many filters built-in to filter out certain content along with blocking ads within the feeds.
  • Another nice feature for people who share posts and links on social networks like Twitter and Facebook is the share feature with ReaderPlus (see image below). The share button for various networks can be inserted in the feeds for easy sharing.


There is a lot more nifty things you can do with ReaderPlus and if you are someone who is using Google Reader a lot and bored of the limited customizations, try it out. Do drop in your comments and let me know of any other tools which allows similar customizations with Firefox.

Link: Reader Plus


Aditya Kane May 7, 2011

Thanks for the tip on firefox, but I feel ReaderPlus seems to be better mainly because of my preference for Chrome.