[Rumor] Yahoo to sell Delicious to StumbleUpon for peanuts!

Yahoo, over the last few months is getting a lot of negative vibes from the tech community. This is because Yahoo had decided to close down Delicious, the popular bookmarking service. Yahoo has seen its fortune falling over the last decade and it has a list of companies, which it bought for hundreds of millions of dollars and ended up short-selling them or closing them down. There was enough anger over Yahoo’s decision to close down Delicious until Yahoo announced it was selling Delicious.

Now according to Business Insider, Yahoo has apparently found a buyer for Delicious. The price of the deal is rumoured to be about $1 – 2 million.


Why Yahoo might be selling Delicious for such a low price!

  • Yahoo paid something close to $15 –30 Million for Delicious. If they are selling it for one or two million, they might as well have sold it free! This also means, Yahoo might not have a planned strategy to sell Delicious for a high price.
  • Delicious is used a lot by many people to share bookmarks. Delicious is usually not valuable from traffic point of view, but it has high reputation.
  • Also, absent in Delicious is a revenue model. This means Delicious practically makes no money. Yahoo might be under pressure to get rid of a service which is not making any money.

In the meanwhile, if you are looking to move or backup your Delicious Bookmarks somewhere else, you might be interested in Google Bookmarks migration tool.

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Source: Business Insider