Yahoo’s Big Day: Buys Tumblr and offers 1 TB space with Flickr

Yahoo has just capped off a very significant day for themselves. Firstly they have announced the acquisition of the blogging platform Tumblr. In the second announcement, Flickr has now rolled out 1¬†Terabyte¬†free storage for all users. This is a big deal for Yahoo which has recently struggled to keep its users and more importantly find […]

Geocities is Still Not Completely Dead!

Apparently Geocities survives or atleast 97,100 URLs on Geocities are still active. Carry out a search “” on Google and you will get thousands of results.

None of these links seem to return “Page not Found 404” errors and the actual Geocities websites are still alive and kicking.

Yahoo launches ‘Search Browser’ Axis which is actually a browser add-on!

Yahoo has launched Axis which is it calls a new search browser. I was a little surprised on why Yahoo was launching a new browser, as I would imagine its best talent would be employed in improving search and other services. Well Yahoo Axis is not exactly a browser but a set of browser extensions […]

Yahoo Meme to Shut Down!

Almost two and a half years ago, Yahoo rolled out Yahoo Meme. It was supposed to be a Twitter killer. It allowed more than 140 charachters, allowed inserting photos or videos and more. I personally also found it a very attractive design but it simply could not match up to Twitter. Today Yahoo has announced […]