Samsung Dominates with 47.5% Share of the Android Market

Samsung dominates the Android market with a share of 47.5%, which can make it extremely influential in the Android ecosystem.

Samsung has kept rolling out umpteen number of devices and is one of the big successes of the Android platform. Samsung has chased Apple’s iPhone success with a fierce focus.

They not only dominate the smart-phone niche with their Galaxy S III and Galaxy SIV, they have also created a new niche between a phone and a tabet called “Phablet” and have owned this niche with Galaxy Note devices.

But how much is Samsung’s impact on the Android platform. According to OpenSignal, Samsung dominates with a 47.5% share of the Android market.

Android Market Share by BrandEach block shows a different device and the size represents how much market share it has on the Android platform. The dominance of Samsung is clearly seen with almost half the Android devices carrying the Samsung name.

Why Samsung’s dominance is not the best news for Google

Google might not be comfortable with a single manufacturer being so dominant on its Android platform. It basically means with Samsung ever moves away from Android, it could cause immeasurable harm the the platform.

Also Samsung is not exactly happy with Google buying Motorola which is bound to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S IV with Moto X a new phone it released in a couple of days.

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