Samsung Introduces YOUM Flexible OLED Display [Video]

At the recently concluded CES 2013 exhibition Samsung did disappoint mobile fans with by not revealing much about their mobiles phones they would be introducing for the year. But they did showcase a new display technology that could change the mobile industry all over again. It introduced flexible OLED display screen branded as Youm. That basically means the display screens can be bent around the edges of a device.

Samsung Flexible OLED Display

These demonstrations were made with only prototype but I do think considering they introduced these screens to in January, we should see Samsung include flexible display are only prototypes at the moment but it won’t be surprising if Samsung introduces this technology to their flagship devices.

Here is a video demo of Youm Flexible OLED Display by Samsung

Why Flexible OLED Display screens are better?

  • First advantage is because the screen is flexible, it becomes less fragile like say glass. It will make the screen almost unbreakable.
  • If the screen bends over the sides of the device, it can actually increase the display area without needing the device size to be increased.
  • Accepted wisdom is that such screens will consume a less power which means battery life is extended.

Do watch the video and let us know in your comments what you thought about this technology?


Paul W. Swansen (@paulswansen) January 15, 2013

So Samsung introduces and shows us a proof of concept of the idea and whispers we’ve heard for several years. How many more years until this technology is available to us from retailers?

Aditya Kane January 15, 2013

@Paul: Yes, I had seen this flexible screen about 5 years ago. Maybe more, cannot remember. I think Samsung has now figured out a way to first not lose out of screen performance (regarding displaying of colours and clarity) and also figured out a way to deploy these screen in big numbers. I think these screens will start showing up at retailers sooner rather than later.