Samsung Galaxy S4 Available in India: Priced Rs. 41,500

Samsung Galaxy S4 gets launched in over 50 countries which includes India. The phone is priced at Rs. 41,500/- at various online retailers.

Samsung Galaxy S4Weeks after Samsung launched their new Galaxy S4 phone, it is finally available across 50 countries. This list of 50 includes India. The phone itself is a pretty solid product and will probably sell in its millions. It’s pricing has been of much speculation in India, some even claiming it will be priced higher than the iPhone 5.

Though, Samsung might be claiming to be better than a iPhone, it certainly is not going to start pricing their phone higher than the iPhone 5. The current model being made available has 16GB internal memory on the S4.

The price of the phone is a not surprising Rs. 41,500/-

Considering that most phone purchases haven at physical stores rather than online, I won’t be surprised that Samsung tightly controls the pricing of their phone on e-commerce retail sites. So don’t expect this price to drop for weeks if not months.

Will LG finally blink?

I am not the biggest fan of Samsung phones. I won’t probably buy one but I like many Indians have probably been waiting for the Nexus 4 phone.

It seems LG might not be sure about the pricing of such a phone in India. I think its about time LG blinks and gets a high quality phone endorsed by Google into Indian markets. Their other phone models are simply going to be swept aside by Samsung Galaxy S4 and other models.

What do you think about the Galaxy S4 pricing? Do drop in your comments.

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Arup Ghosh May 4, 2013

This phone has the most sophisticated technologies thill now.