Saving and organizing search information with Google Squared.

Most people who use Google are quite happy to type in keywords and get random information. But how does one get information which is slightly complex in nature and not necessarily a single result. For instance comparing information on India cities.

Using the normal Google search engine I could get links to various websites with information on Indian cities or if I am lucky a link to a website which has compiled various info on Indian cities.

Google labs has a service called Google Squared which basically organizes the search results in a table and shows relevant information along with it. (See image below)


I could save this table by exporting it to Google spreadsheet. 🙂

Google Squared

  • What Google has said in its blog is that this is still a experimental application and will get better with more and more people using and editing tables.
  • This seems to be like a combination of Search and Wiki. Search results are arranged in a table and to keep information contextual it will learn from the changes made my people to tables which show up. Essentially its like a search engine which keeps on learning.
  • Customized columns are quite interesting. Just add a unique column and the Google Squared looks up for the details online by itself and fills them up with relevant information.


I am planning to purchase a Laptop and wanted to look up details of what Dell has to offer. I typed in ‘Dell Notebooks’ and voila I had a neatly arranged list of all laptops with various details. This is a lot less work than looking it up by visiting various websites. (See image above)

By no means is this perfect, but it is quite handy and very useful for generic information which is easy to get but takes a long time to assimilate and organize.