Build Android applications with no programming knowledge

Google has recently introduced a website on which just about anyone can create a Android application. No, I am not talking about Android being open source and hence any programmer can create a app. Anyone means anybody, even people with no programming abilities. The great thing about Android App builder is that it allows us […]

Search for interesting Twitter users with new Google tool

Google has released a tool which is still a beta product but very interesting and might be useful for people trying to dig into Twitter. What is does is allows you to search for interesting people on Twitter if you enter the Twitter ID of someone you are following and find interesting. This tool is […]

Script Converter: Convert Indian language scripts to English and back

I came across Script Converter which is in Google Labs with Google’s Indian domain. This looked like a great way to write using English alphabets phonetically as if writing the Indian origin language and it would convert the script. Script Converter does not translate pages and is not useful to translate websites or documents. What it […]

Google Social Search: Information from your social circuit

A few days ago I wrote about how Bing Twitter was available for people to use the Bing search engine to look up tweets from Twitter on a particular word. I ended the article say Google cannot be far behind and Google announced through its blog the availability of Social Search within days. It is […]

Features to change the way we use Gmail

Many of us who use Gmail do not keep track of what are the new features available in the Labs section. I decided to try out some which has made my Gmail experience a lot better. Here I am sharing with you some of the cool features available in Labs with Gmail. As you can see in […]

Gmail adds a tweak to avoid sending emails to wrong recipients

Gmail has a new feature still in beta or in Labs which attempts to stop us from sending emails to the wrong person. They call it ‘Got the wrong Bob?’ Many a times we share emails with a group of recipients, and sometimes what happens is you might end up sending an email to the […]

Saving and organizing search information with Google Squared.

Most people who use Google are quite happy to type in keywords and get random information. But how does one get information which is slightly complex in nature and not necessarily a single result. For instance comparing information on India cities. Using the normal Google search engine I could get links to various websites with […]