[Scam Alert] Stay Away from Profile Stalkers application

Another new Scam hits Facebook. This one says it can tell you who are your profile stalkers. Yeah right who doesn't want to know that?

Another new Scam hits Facebook. This one says it can tell you who are your profile stalkers. Yeah right who doesn’t want to know that?

We all do, we do want to know who visited our profiles, how many times was it visited, who visits regularly or in Facebook dictionary who is the profile stalker. Somebody has to put an end on all this, please!

I saw a friend’s update on my Facebook wall. It said that she saw her Facebook stalkers and you can see yours. On clicking that link it took me to a new page that says this is a verified application of Facebook and so many people like it. Just see the image below.

On clicking enter it asks you to allow the application. One the application is allowed, it takes you a new page. Some software has to be downloaded and all. Well, firstly I don’t believe in downloading something like this and secondly this is all a scam.

As you can see in the image below, it just tricks the users into clicking the link. There is no logic behind all this. These scams are increasing like hell. Everyday I see a new one appearing. If it keeps sending this message on your friends wall then you can try removing it also (Source).

I always suggest you not to click or fall for such things. I click on these because I have to see if its working or not and tell you all. But, why do you have to click it? 🙁 Share your views with me.