1Password – A Must Have iPad App

In today’s world where we have multiple accounts having different username/password combinations, it becomes quite difficult to store all such combinations. Also there are several vulnerabilities if somebody accesses your password. 1Password can be one stop solution for all your password storing needs. The app manages and organizes all your passwords and other private information like credit card numbers in encrypted form. All the information is available at your fingertips.

1Password App

1Password also facilitates multiple logins to various social networking site like Facebook etc. Fill the login forms of several sites using single tap. 1Password works well in sync with different Apple products, although it can work independently also. The app also provides backup facility.


Store any information that you want in 1Password’s preconfigured and predefined templates. Store all your credit card information in the Wallet, different username/password combinations in logins and Store the details of your girlfriendsĀ  in Identity. Priced at $14.99, 1Password is a safe bet for those who want complete peace of mind.

Link : 1Password