Schedule Posts/Updates on Google+ Pages

Posts on Google+ pages can now be updated and scheduled at pre-determined times and days with the help of online tool called Bufferapp.

One of my favourite feature on Facebook pages is that it allows users to schedule posts. This allows a page owner to post an update for maximum visibility. It also means the posts can be spaced out and not spam someones timeline. Google+ Pages are also popular with bloggers to share their posts online but unfortunately there seem to be no option to schedule posts. This feature itself is completely missing on Google+.

Bufferapp for Google Plus Pages

But Bufferapp which also allows scheduling of tweets on multiple accounts, has introduced scheduling options with Google+.

This allows users to hook up their Google+ page to Buffer and schedule posts at separate times and dates.

Some Limitations!

There are restrictions on the number of posts you can schedule and also the number of accounts you can use with Buffer with the free package.

I was a little disappointed with BufferApp not supporting posting to Google+ profiles but it seems to be an issue on Google’s side. Google has not released a Read/Write version of its Google+ Profile API. This means we are not going to see 3rd party apps being able to schedule and post on Google+ profiles anytime soon.

Try out BufferApp for Google+ pages. Do let me know about your views and any similar services in your comments.

Link: Buffer for Google+ Pages

One Comment

John Unger September 4, 2013

That’s too bad about Buffer App not working with Google+ Profiles; I use the Pro version for a client’s twitter feed and it works incredibly well. Although, I guess it’s better from a business perspective to be able to time your posts to a Google+ Page than the more personal Profiles.