Search and Find Games for Linux Online

Most open-sourced Operating Systems are designed on the Linux kernel. Linux stands shoulder to shoulder with Windows when it comes to performance and User Interface. But it loses out when it comes to software compatibility.

Many such issues are solved by using open source alternatives which are not as good as the paid ones. Hence when it comes to gaming, everyone prefers Windows as it supports a lot of games.

Also, another drawback is we do not find a lot of games that run on Linux. 🙁

Penguspy is a website that really good for looking up free Linux based games online.

Penguspy Features

  • The site is very useful if you are predominantly a Linux user and feel the need to have Windows only for gaming needs.
  • The games are classified into several categories like arcade, action, adventure, puzzle, FPS, RPG, sim, sport etc.
  • You just want to select a category, select the game and you can see it’s trailer, ratings, some reviews and a link to download them.

If you are using Linux, try out Penguspy and do drop in your comments.

Link: Penguspy