4 Great Websites to Play on Virtual Stock Markets with Real Data

Have you ever traded for Stocks at the Real markets? Often people are scared of the Stock markets because of the continuous activity it observes on a daily basis. Few people are not much aware on how these markets operate but they are always looking for some greater knowledge on how to invest and stay safe at the same time. Inspired by this, I decided to share few interesting websites with you where you can play with virtual cash on Real markets in your country.

Play Hidden Snake Game In YouTube Video

YouTube provides streaming video. You can find variety of video based on your interests. Usually we wait for the video to load on the YouTube. But have you ever thought that you can do something innovative while waiting for your favorite video to stream? YouTube videos comes with hidden snake game. Snake game is one […]

How To Play Top 8-Bit NES Classic Games Online

If you are in search for 8 bit games to play online then there is a free website known as VNES which offers those games free of cost. The games included are Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Bros., Contra, Super Mario Bros. 2,  Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros., ExciteBike, Dr. Mario, Donkey Kong, Balloon Fight and many classical games. Playing game is […]

PacMan Fever: How To Play Pacman Offline

With google introducing Pacman Doodle on its homepage, the game has once again gained popularity among people. Even some of our readers are Pacman fans, and want to play the game offline. In reply to our post- Google Doodle Presents Pacman, one of our readers had a question on making the game available offline. This […]