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Using Gmail is like an addiction now a days. There are emails to be read, answered and sometimes chat with friends and fellow bloggers, thanks to gtalk being available directly from Gmail. You might have heard of Web Search in Gmail, which is a feature still in Gmail Labs. But now there are some changes which allows the Gmail user to not just look up search results but also use it for a variety of reasons.

I used it to define words I was using while composing a message and I can even look up the weather. I guess lesser the number of tabs open, better it is for not being distracted from the task you are doing.

Google Search with Gmail

  • When on Gmail, go to Settings and Labs. In the Labs section enable Google Search with Mail.
  • Now below the Gtalk box to the left had side you will now get a Google Search box.
  • This is nothing new but now you can use different operators within the search tab. Operators like define and weather.
  • I looked up the weather for Pune where Devil’s Workshop has it’s office. (rtBlogs Office) The results showed up withing my Gmail page and if I used two or three search queries they were saved in the Google Search box for me to look up at a later time. See image below for example.


As you can see in the image above that I could use search and get the weather for the next week for Pune city within my Gmail page. I tried using Google Maps but the results were not as useful as with weather or define.

A note of caution if you have enabled Offline Gmail it can take upto 10 mins for the Google web search to be integrated with your Gmail.

Let me know what you find interesting or useful but trying feature within labs. I think I will be writing many email with fewer spelling or contextual mistakes. đŸ˜›

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abhi February 4, 2010

Its a great feature. Similarly you can check temperature on Google.