Search Twitter with Bing

Bing and Twitter have reached a deal and Twitter will now allow Bing to use tweets used in the open for search results. This is a way to look up what is being discussed on Twitter about a particular issue in real time. I decided to use Bing Twitter which still is a demo only available for users in US.


As I tried Bing Twitter, it was quite impressed with the idea. This was one great way to get current Tweets about news items or even checking on the latest instance when your website or profile was mentioned. I searched for “Devilsworkshop”. Immediately it showed up the latest tweets with the word ‘devilsworkshop’ figuring in them.

Bing Twitter

  • The moment you search on Bing Twitter it shows 4-5 links to the ‘Most recent Tweets’. This seems to be real time as there is a play and pause button.
  • Below the Recent Tweets section is Top links shared in Tweets. This seems to be where you can search Twitter more deeper and not just have access to tweets that are only recent.
  • The search seems to be very interesting and because Twitter itself is looking to share this data with Bing, it seems this will be quite a potent way to follow latest views and opinions on events happening.
  • The deal between Bing and Twitter is non-exclusive. So I guess Twitter is free to have a similar deal with Google search. 😉

Links: Bing Twitter | Bing Blog


Palash October 24, 2009

Nice thing …Hope google does the same soon 🙂