Samsung Star 3G S5603 Vs. Apple iPhone 3GS – Features Comparison

If you think that the ‘King of Gadgets – Apple iPhone‘  & Lower End Touch Screen Phone from Samsung named ‘Star 3G (S5603)‘ are not at all the contestants of the same game for comparing the features, Then Read on This article is totally for you.

Technical Specifications:

1. Apple iphone is having TFT capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors & display of size 320 x 480 pixels. Whereas, Samsung Star 3G is having TFT capacitive touchscreen of  16M colors & 240 x 320 pixels( 2.8 inches) of display which come switch Accelerometer sensor for auto rotation in portrait & landscape mode, also it comes with the Gesture lock.Even iPhone have same accelerometer, scratch resistant screen & proximity sensor.

2. They have same network ranges for quad band GSM in 2G : 2G: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900, but in case of 3G iPhone have bands HSDPA 900 / 2100 (7.2 Mbps) & Star 3G Have HSDPA 900/850/2100 (7.2 Mbps). Both are having EDGE & GPRS like any other smartphone.

3. iPhone runs on Iphone OS 3.1 whereas Samsung star 3G on their Touchwiz Operating system. Processor obviously iPhone have good speed.

4. Battery Life: iPhone runs many apps,/functions & have less batter compared to Samsung Star 3G.

5. Wifi is not in Star 3G & it is there with iPhone which is only big difference with  iPhone.

Features Comparison:

GPS is available in both, Radio with RDs technology in Samsung Star 3G & not provided in iPhone.

iPhone Have Digital compass, Google Maps, Audio/video player, TV-out, Voice command/dial.

Whereas Star 3G also Have Google Maps, Audio / Video Player, Gesture Lock, MP3 / WMA / AAC player, H.263 / H.264 / WMV / MPEG4 player, Organizer, Shazam Find Music service, Turn-to-mute features which gives tough fight to Apple iPhone.

Video is at VGA@30fps & video geo-tagging in iPhone with 3.15 MP,  2048×1536 pixels Camera  , where as Star 3G have  3.2 MP, 2048×1536 pixels with LED flash & QVGA @ 15FPS with smile recognition, Panaroma shot, & in-built photo editor.

Apps Vs Widgets

Apple iphone comes with many widgets & app store support for more than 5000 apps. Where as Samsung star 3G have in-built widgets like Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps, Search, Gmail, Picasa, Flickr, clocks, Photo rotator & many more which are embedded in its sidebar. They have drag & Drop Functionality which works awesome with Star 3G. And they are easily customizable. Now, these guys have just launched their Widget store, which is in premature stages, so support is less in that case. But you know, these many things in built reduces chances that you need any more widgets. Moreover, you have power of Java MIDP to customize any more apps if you need which includes thousands of application to run on your phone. So it’s no big deal.


Other Features :

Both have MP3 Ringtones & Vibrator & Star also includes support for Wav files also. Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP & USB 2.0 is available in Both.

Touch Experience :

Apple iPhone having extra ‘Multi touch technology’ other wise both of them having great ‘touch flow’. I tested Star 3G in & out in all direction for any flaw, but ‘Samsung’s’ Touchwiz” technology is truly outstanding which gives very quick response for every action. So both are good at Touch experience & competitive.

Cost Effectiveness :

As we are aware cost is most acting driving force in case of selection of Cell phone.

In India Samsung Star 3G Cost : 11,500 Rs. (Average Market Price)

iPhone 3G Costs around 28 to 35,000 Rs.(Average Market Price)

Note that it is price of 3G model not star 3G. It is not officially rolled out in India. Still It costs almost thrice the Star 3G. & this where real competition is.

For 20,000 extra with iPhone You only get a Compass & Wifi thats it. You can buy  a Wi Fi Enabled  netbook in this price with your star 3G. And about compass,  Compass it is available in Rs.50, just that it is not built with your gadget. Still, Why to pay more when we have better options.

If you are just a fan of apple, No question arises of choice. (It would be stupid choice in my case)

But if you want a touchscreen experience like iPhone or even better trust me Samasung Star 3G S5603 is best option you can go for.

For Technical Specifications & To Know More Visit Here:

1. Apple iPhone 3GS

2. Samsung Star 3G

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Amol Wagh. Amol likes to give out tips to aspiring ethical hackers around the world. He is interested in SEO, animation and blogging and writes columns on ethical hacking and blogging for Times of India (Nashik Times). He authors the following blogs – seobloggingtips,hackersenigma and digitalconqurer.

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vinayendra October 23, 2009

Dont even think of comparing anything with Iphone 3gs, its entirely on different class .. forget abt all these specifications , just keep both the phones in your hands and use it for 5 mins. U will come to know why Iphone costs so much and how much its worth.

Saai Murugan August 11, 2010

Iphone and Samsung 3G can never be compared as i am using both.

Samsung 3G is mine and Iphone is my Brothers.

I have listed out the difference below

Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps, Search, Gmail, Picasa, Flickr, clocks, Photo rotator
Samsung 3G has just links to the above sites where every time you have to click to open the page and view the page but iphone will keep us logged in always and alert on any update.

One advantage in Samsung 3G is we have a radio.:)

Any new application installed is stored in the Games folder and cannot be stored anywhere else.

Key pad is Ok in Samsung 3G but cannot be compared with iphone.

One huge disadvantage in Samsung 3G is the phone book is not having an active search. That is will not list the contacts when we key the alphabets one by one.

Touch technology is excellent in iphone, somewhat good in Samsung 3G.
My personal opinion is iphone is the best but most of us don’t really need it we can by a laptop instead of buying an iphone which will do more that it.

But we cannot compare iphone with any of the phones in the market.
It is the best.

Aaron Abraham October 18, 2010

Well said

Amol Wagh October 24, 2009

I guess I already declared some lines for apple’s fans & users.

Other thing is – I have considered ‘Features for Money’ In case of apple you’ll always get features by spending loads of money.

( And I have not written this review by reading articles , I used both cell phones for more than 5 mins)

My suggestion would be you handle Star 3G for 5 min & you’ll notice …

vinayendra October 24, 2009

i have HTC touch 3g, i have used samsung phones, i dont have a iphone( have used my friend`s), but i have ipod touch 3rd gen, which has everything a iphone has except the phone and cam.

[i]For 20,000 extra with iPhone You only get a Compass & Wifi thats it.[/i]
well if u want to buy a car , you can go for a 3 lakh santro, or you can go for 30 lakh AUDI. You may argue that y should ppl buy 30 lakh audi when u can get a MOVING car for just 3 lakh. Same thing here, though both have same features but the way apple has designed the phone is far more better than any other phones in the market. You may say its too costly but i say its worth the amount u spend.

And i am not a apple fan. but i am crazy about phones . Actually according to me , itunes is worst software ever made. I just want to say that if one has 30 grand in his pocket, and he buys samsung only becoz he thinks that u can get same features for lesser price , sorry he is making a huge mistake.

Deepak Jain October 24, 2009

Nice suggestion Vinayendra. Thanks for your time. 🙂

Aaron Abraham October 18, 2010

Excellent example!

Amol Wagh October 24, 2009

Hey Vinayendra,

I am not promoting this Star 3G, & not just supporting it to argue with You & your faith on apple iPhone. In a first line itself I mentioned that Apple iPhone is King of Gadgets. (It’s a masterpiece in all respects)

My basic aim for writing this article was to let people know that they can have a good alternative if they are out of budget. Well if I was in US & get the iPhone in $ 199, then iPhone 3GS would be my first choice. But in case of its pricing in India, I don’t think it worth that much.SO I posted the same.

Still I wish to thank you for giving your counter opinion on my article. Its helpful for us to focus on good & bad points of Both Cellphones.

vinayendra October 25, 2009


you got it wrong again . iPhone may cost just $199 on paper. But u will be in a 1 or 2 years bond with the network where u need to pay a minimum amount every month. So it roughly works out to $700 which is RS 30,000+ ( the cost of iphone in india).

I am not criticizing you or something, just telling to get facts right before posting in such a huge blog. Your post is good, but the way you compared iphone and samsung in “Cost Effectiveness ” was not correct.

Amol Wagh October 25, 2009

Ok Vinayendra,

Thanks for clearing up the around here.

Just have a question that does cost of Apple iphone in India (Rs 30000) – Does that include the rental of contract ?

vinayendra October 25, 2009

iPhone 3G costs 31k
iPhone 3GS is still not released in India. but u can it from grey market, it will cost you abt 40k.

If you buy the iphone in India there wont be any contract, only condition is that it will locked by the network meaning if u buy from airtel ,u have to use airtel sim (but phones can be unlocked). There wont be any extra cost.

killer November 7, 2009

amol wagh , u are correct !!!!

Amol Wagh November 7, 2009


Thanks for Your KILLER Support. (Kidding) Thanks

fireshots November 8, 2009

I totally agree with you. But I will suggest a sonyericsson phone with the price range of 9k+, im sure it will beat out the functionality of any cel phone in the market- esp with its java apps n audio/video experience. samsung has issues with certain java apps wch works fine on SE phones. its my personal experience.

Nice article though, keep it up.

fireshots November 8, 2009

@vinayendra, unlocking any phone not just an iphone costs arnd 500 to 1k. besides, iphone is slave to itunes wch is unacceptable when u can simply drag n drop media files usin anthr phones or Mcards.

abhi November 11, 2009

can you pl tell if there is any problems with the samsung star 3g ..
thats what i was told when i went to purchase it in the mobilestores of my city .. as it was not available with them .
thanks .

Punekar December 21, 2009

Nice Article
Absolutely necessary for those who want the features of iPhone at less cost only because they r in India. Great duties n taxes making these expensive.
But its nice to get good features @10k
Thanks amol

RT February 25, 2010

Hey, well the article is an eye-opener for sure.. Those who are not willing to accept are surely those who have a big mind block about Apple being the best. I have used both the phones and it is indeed surprising that there isn much of a difference. Of course samsung is user friendly… Come on guys nothin wrong in giving it a try … After all its worth 3 Apple I phones….;)

feeroj jesani March 7, 2010


heha April 12, 2010

am using samsung s 5603 .and still am confused aout there features
because its not working during the download option in at the time of using net

Serendipity May 21, 2010

I Think Sumsung Is Better Why?
Not Expensive as iPhone, Same Useful Applications Such As e.g Music Finder…etc. The Interface in Sumsung is great especially its widgets and the 3 parts of desktop where you can put big pictures. And which one is faster? iPhone okay but not a big deal. and regarding WiFi forget about it it’s coming soon hehe anyway internet is everywhere. and now there are some releases with WiFi feature. use Them Both and you will see….

ravi December 27, 2010

Lol. You are really comparing the samsung star to the iphone?? There is absolutely no comparison. ANYBODY who knows anything about phones will tell you the iphone is WAAAAYYY better. Somebody who is just getting into the whole touchscreen phone thing might think they are similar.

Ravi February 6, 2011

@ravi u r correct buddy ….