Second Generation Google Phone coming to India


HTC, cell phone maker from Taiwan, will soon launch the android-powered G2, or the second generation Google phone in India. It is believed to be priced between Rs 26,000 to 28,000 and will probably be sold through Airtel, however, it is not yet confirmed.

A compelling buy?

Indiatimes reports that to make it a compelling buy, the phone will probably be bundled with

  1. Talk time
  2. Data plans
  3. MicroSD card for storage

…and more

Android is a software platform for mobile devices, running on the Linux operating system, and several hardware makers are also promoting it for use in netbooks.



Android phones are facing strong competition. BlackBerrys from Research In Motion are gaining ground among consumers. Apple’s new iPhone and Pre from Palm has received favorable reviews too.

T-Mobile G1 never made it to India

Earlier, in September 2008, HTC partnered with T-Mobile and Google in the US to launch T-Mobile G1. G1 never made it to the Indian market. The G1 went on sale in October and since then has sold more than 1 million of the phones in the US. In the grey market, you could find the phone for around Rs. 18-19,000.

(Image credit: flickr)