Bing TV Commercials – Cure for Search Overload Syndrome

image Microsoft is spending almost $80 million to $100 million on its ad campaigning to promote Bing. In a series of its ads, Microsoft is trying to show Google as a cluttered, irrelevant and confusing search engine. Even though the campaign doesn’t directly mention the name Google, but the target is pretty clear to all. 🙂

Bing’s ad campaign strategy

Microsoft is trying to center its campaign for the coming months on four major categories:

  • Travel
  • Shopping
  • Health
  • Local

Commercial spots are to be followed by online ad campaigns. Radio advertising will also be a part of the traditional advertising mix.

The second phase of Bing advertising

After Bing’s first TV commercial picked on Google for the collapse of the US economy, Bing’s advertizing has now entered its second phase.

Bing TV commercials are showcasing more dramatized versions of what it’s like when people interact with their friends, family and partners the way they do to a search engine. The ads would show how they get back responses that have the same words as their question, but nothing at all to do with what they asked.

The campaign develops a theme similar to the one Microsoft used in its earlier commercials directed at Apple.

Take a look at Bing’s recent TV spots. The ad calls today’s confusing and cluttered online search as “Search Overload Syndrome” and says Bing is the cure.

A few recent Bing commercials:

Commercial #1

Commercial #2

Commercial #3

Commercial #4

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(Source: YouTube)


username6791 June 23, 2009

microsoft do as many adds what they didnot able to reach the google rocks man

Swati July 1, 2009

Google sure rocks! Bing has a long way to go still.

jamie dunlap January 28, 2010

i love commercials and went to college and studied radio television and film. these are the best commercials i have ever seen. they don’t rely on sex, violence, foul language or any other controversial methods other than just being a bit strange and surreal. who ever thought of these is just plain brilliant in my eyes. i commend you for your insight and skill.