Send callers customized text messages if you are busy with Smart Responder

Smart Responder is an Android app that makes responding your incoming calls easy when you're busy. It disconnects the calls and sends a pre-defined SMS.

Smart Responder is an app that disconnects an incoming phone call and sends a text message to the caller if the phone user is busy, for example driving a car or is in a meeting.

By default, 5 instances come packed with the app. They are : Driving, Meeting, Theatre, Prayer, School. When you’re at the temple, you may choose the Prayer mode to disconnect the calls and an auto-response ‘At Prayer’ will be sent. Similarly, you can choose the other instances. But at one time, you may choose only one particular instance.

Smart Responder

Also, you can create your own instances. You should give a Title and a Message to create instances of your own. You can also long press the pre-loaded 5 instances to change the Title / Message.

Deleting the default 5 instances is not possible which is unfortunate as not everyone is blogs or is still young enough to be in school or college but the app allows deleting instances created by yourself.

Once you’re done with all your jobs, you may disable the enabled instances and you can close the app.

Link: Smart Responder


Prabhat October 26, 2013

wish it had something to auto enable the instances as you never remember to enable one at the right time.

Ashish October 26, 2013

awesome app.. just downloaded… thanx for share..