Send Free SMS Directly from your Gmail Chat

Gmail has introduced a new feature that allows users to send free SMS directly from the Gmail chat window. As I logged into my account today, I saw a pop-up alerting me to the new feature.

How Gmail’s Free SMS works:

  • Previously we could send SMS to other users from our contact list. This feature allows users to send an SMS to just about anyone as long as your know their mobile number.
  • If you saw the message like above, you can simply type in a number in your chat box as seen in the image below.
  • Then you need to add the number into your contact list. Make sure you select the country correctly.
  • Type in your text message and send it. It will deduct 1 point from your SMS Credit. The SMS credit is back in increased by 5 if the person who gets your SMS replies. The maximum credit you can accrue is 50. It is basically a safeguard against spammers.
  • In India, I can see that the supported networks are Aircel, IDEA,Loop Mobile, MTS, Reliance, Tata DoCoMo, Tata indicom, Vodafone.

Might be some early issues with it but I could not send an SMS to any Reliance phone number at all.

You can see the entire list of supported mobile operators here.


Gagan October 10, 2012

Yet awaiting to see this feature in my account……

Shubh October 11, 2012

Guys i think its not working with Tata Docomo 🙁 any solution?