Track Status of Indian Trains with Online Mapping App – RailRadar

Yesterday at a media event, Indian Railways showed off a web application called RailRadar. The web application allows users to track the status of 6500 trains across India on a map. The RailRadar map shows train routes in a blue or red colours. The colours indicate if the train is delayed or  keeping time.

Click on the arrow symbol anywhere on the map, displays information about the name of the train and its number, the last updated station and also the next halt, along with if the train is on time or delayed.

Interestingly, the mapping information is taken from Google and not the government owned Bhuvan project by ISRO.

The website that hosts the application is and unfortunately it does not yet have a mobile app but it does work on most mobile phone browsers. But an app is critical as the real users of this web application will be mobile phones users who are on the go.

Try out RailRadar and drop in your views and comments.

Link: RailRadar

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Gokul Sukumar October 11, 2012

If you can find a way to track whether you can book your tatkal ticket today or not, you will be considered as “GOD” 😀