Send tweets in 81 langauges with TwitLan

TwitLan is a really cool website which allows you to use Twitter to send message in different languages. TwitLan supports different languages and their scripts. It also has support for 81 languages and their blog claims the number will only increase. 🙂


TwitLan Features

  • TwitLan allows you to write in different language scripts. It is not a translation tool. It allowed me to write in 81 languages.
  • Once you sign-in to the website the layout is very simple. On the website to the right hand side you will see the list of 81 languages.
  • Just click on one of the language and virtual keyboard which is language specific shows up in the center.
  • Use the virtual keyboard to write your tweets in the language you want.

Virtual Keyboard on Twit Lan

  • In case you cannot view the virtual keyboard make sure the browser has JavaScript enabled.

A lot of non-English users might feel at home using Twitter with TwitLan. What I found very fascinating was simply the huge number of languages it supported.

Try it out and let me know if you liked using TwitLan through your comments.

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One Comment

Malhar Parve December 12, 2009

It’s a great tool if you wants your tweet to be noticed by the non-english speaking people.