Set specific websites to automatically open in Chrome’s Incognito Mode

Chrome users have a useful feature on the browser called Incognito Mode. It basically disallows information on the webpages you visit from being stored on the browser. It also deletes all new cookies after the incognito mode is closed. This is useful for looking up websites without the need to clear caches all the time. […]

PrivyTalks – Encrypted Anonymous Chatting Online

(Disclosure: This is Sponsored Review.) Privacy is a big deal on the web, especially in recent times when social networks makes finding individuals very easy. Anonymity and encryption are two vital way to maintain your privacy. Also there are many instances when we want to not share our Gmail or Skype ID but use something […]

Free Online Tool to Change IP Address While Surfing

Privacy concerns are gaining a lot of momentum recently with people being a little uncomfortable, about how most websites can retain and identify your IP Address. Many times a IP Address is used to show you relevant geo-specific¬†advertisements. I came across New IP Now, an online service that allows you to change your IP address […]

Stop Allowing Cookies Installed on Your Computer by Advertising Networks!

Online privacy is quite a big deal now a days. Most websites with advertisements collect user details so they can show more relevant ads, hence adding to better revenues. This is all fine but many people might not want advertising networks to install cookies on their computers. Also we might trust some networks but find […]