YouTube Feature Enables You To Share Video From Any Point of Time

Sometimes we want to share or send the video that should start playing from certain point of time, avoiding unwanted part of the beginning so that one can enjoy only the important part of it. However YouTube has a newly added feature, it appears when you right-click your mouse button on any YouTube video. Until you could do this manually by appending #t=1m15s or #t=70 to a YouTube URL.

Pause the YouTube video at any point of time, right-click select option Copy video URL at current time from the context menu to copy URL to clipboard. Share or send it to your friend to watch the video that begins from the point you copied.


You can link directly to a certain point inside a YouTube video instead of playing the whole video from the beginning. Whenever someone clicks your YouTube link, he gets the video to the exact point in its timeline. Its a nice feature that saves your time as well as internet usage.

Play any YouTube video and just check it out. Do you find this useful, Share it to your friends and get the most of this awesome feature.

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3 replies on “YouTube Feature Enables You To Share Video From Any Point of Time”

  1. Cool feature,but i want to ask this:when you stop the video at 2sec(as in images) and send the link ,your friend will see the video starting from 2 sec or just that part till end???.You can choose the starting point and not the end point(you can’t show a 5 minutes video from 2min-4min part)???

  2. One can only choose the starting point not the end point, we have to satisfy in the available function only. I wish YouTube add new feature that provides the option to choose the end point too, wouldn’t that be amazing?

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