Signal for Gmail: Edit emails you receive for better productivity

Chrome extension Signal allows users to edit emails they get from their Gmail accounts. This can increase productivity by highlighting phone numbers, addresses and dates from a long email.

I came across a nice Chrome extension called Signal that allows users to edit emails that they have received. You might wonder why that is important, but it has it uses. We often use emails and mark them important or label them on Gmail to create a sort of to-do list for ourselves. Signal seems to extend that a little bit more.

Here I have installed the extension on my browser to test it and sure enough get the option to highlight and edit a particular email.



As you can see in the image above, I do not need any other information from this email except the highlighted part. You can see in the image below how the edited email looks like.


As you see the social icons and other unimportant text from the email does not show up.

This is very useful if you are have to summarize a long email into points or for highlighting and saving important parts like dates, addresses, phone numbers and email ids.

Do try out Signal and drop in your comments.

Link: Signal

via (Life Hacker)