When should you Google a person? [Flowchart]

A funny yet helpful flowchart to decide if you should Google a person.

Do you Google a person? In today’s super connected world, often we are introduced to people via Facebook or Twitter and not exactly in person. If we have to know more about this person professionally a quick search on Google is useful. But Googling someone’s name can also be considered weird behaviour. Here is a nice flowchart for us to decide when exactly is it appropriate to Google someone.

Should I Google This Person
Should I Google This Person?

Some of the instances described are funny, life if you work for NSA, Google has already given you all the information, while some is sound advice that it is unwise to Google someone who is standing right next to you. 🙂

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Source: Dell Tech Page One


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P V Ariel March 11, 2014

Hi Aditya,
Good to be here again
This is really interesting!
I never thought of google a person apart from myself. 🙂
now I would like to do some Google business on some LOL Have a good day