[Update] Skype service goes down!

A few minutes ago tried to go on Skype to catch up with some friends online. I could not login and looked up on Twitter on if the service was down. The service is indeed down and many users are not able to use Skype.

This can mean significant loss of revenues as I am sure during the holiday season a lot of people must be looking to make calls to their near and dear ones.

Skype on the other hand tweeted

Our engineers and site operations team are working non-stop to get things back to normal – thanks for your continued patience

This will interesting as Skype has been struggling with the rise of Google Talk offering free calls. Also with new integration with Facebook, Skype has gained more users and they might not be completely ready technically. We will only have to wait and see.


Skype updated on its website that it had infrastructure issues and their engineers are now creating super-nodes to make sure all their users can use their service like always. They claim that things are normal but we will have to wait and see as I know quite a few who still have problems going online with Skype.