Sony Introduces Playstation Tablets Running on Android Honeycomb!

Sony has introduced two tablet devices which will be running on the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). The two tablets were unveiled yesterday and might help Sony capture a market which might look for the gaming experience along with the other tablet features. The two tablets are named S1 and S2 respectively.


Sony Tablet S1 Features

  • The S1 tablet will have 9.4 inch length. It has a single screen.
  • It will run on Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor.
  • The S1 tablet will have front and back cameras. It will be running on Android 3.0.
  • The tablet will also have “Swift” web browser.
  • The S1 tablet is Playstation certified which means it will be able to run certain PS games.

Sony Tablet S2 Features

  • The first noticeable difference is that it is a dual screen tablet.
  • The tablet folds like a book and is suitable for people looking for a tablet but more compact options which can be carried with more ease than traditional tablets.
  • The two screens will be both 5.5 inches each and will also run on Tegra 2 dual core processor.

Video for Sony Tablets

Recently, Google’s AdMob had carried out a survey which came up with surprising results. The results were that more people used tablets for playing games than anything else.
While I had not included it in my list of 5 competitors to Apple iPad2, I do feel that over time Sony might just make decent progress in the tablet device market.

I think this will ultimately come down to how good Android 3.0 in terms of performance. If Android 3.0 hits gold dust then Apple would have reasons to worry.

What are your views? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Engadget