Speed Up Your Adobe Acrobat Reader For Free

adobereaderlogoEach new version of Adobe Acrobat Reader seem to be getting slower than previous version. I have used Adobe Acrobat Reader since v4 and it was fast. When it was v5 – v7, the loading speed was still fine. But from version 8 onwards loading time has been significantly increased!

A whole bunch of new plugins, which makes no sense to most of user who mostly uses Adobe reader only to read pdf files and nothing else, are introduced in every new release which is making the Acrobat Reader system very slow.

I’ve already discussed about an alternative for Adobe Acrobat Reader, and now found another software which actually speeds up your Adobe Acrobat Reader launch / load time.

Adobe Reader SpeedUp

Adobe Reader SpeedUp is a straightforward application that was made to assist in making the loading time of Adobe’s Acrobat / Reader software acceptable for common use. Adobe Reader SpeedUp need to be used only once. It makes Adobe Reader will faster forever. There are some more options available to choose from. W00t!, as the young youngsters say.

I have tested it and it truly works. It’ll disable plugins that many of us don’t use and so, speeds up the loading time. Extremely helpful and it is FREE.

Link: Download Adobe Reader Speedup

Another trick…

Another simple and manual trick to speed up Adobe Acrobat Reader is to remove ‘accessibility.api’ file which can be found in in your

%Program Files%Adobe<reader version>readerplug_ins

folder. Do NOT delete this file. Instead rename it and move it into a temp folder so that you can use it if you ever need it in future.

Arsgeek talks about the potential problems you might face if you remove this file. You should be aware of this before you try out this trick !

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Vaibhav Kanwal March 24, 2009

This is good enough but still Adobe Reader is heavy on the system. There’s a lightweight alternative called SumatraPDF which also comes as a portable version. Its a lot faster than Adobe Reader.

Aakash March 25, 2009

I use Foxit Reader.
It is a free PDF document viewer, with incredible small size, breezing-fast launch speed and rich feature set

Bapun March 25, 2009

@ Gautam Part-II (on DW :P) & Vaibhav :

Thanks for the information. Will drop a comment on SumatraPDF shortly after giving this a try.

Gautam H N March 25, 2009

@Vaibhav – I did mention about it the post as “alternative for Adobe Acrobat Reader” 🙂 which points to http://www.techbuzz.in/sumatra-pdf-an-excellent-alternative-for-adobe-pdf.php

Thanks for bringing out though.


Gautam H N March 25, 2009

@Bapun – Yeah figured that 🙂 .. You can call me HN instead of part 2 😀