How to: Get Spotify Premium working outside US

This trick will let you subscribe to Spotify Premium outside US. All you need is a Entropay card.

Music streaming services like Spotify and Rdio are pretty awesome, but there’s an annoying thing about them – they aren’t available in most non-US countries.

If you’re in a country like India, where Spotify isn’t yet available, here’s a trick to get it working. Getting Spotify Free to work is easy, as all you need is a US proxy, but here we’ll see Spotify Premium.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is a paid subscription plan of Spotify with which you’ll get unlimited access to music, on both mobile and desktop.

The problem here is, Spotify accepts credit cards only of the country you have signed up under. In this case, it’s US. And it’s obviously hard to get a US credit card.

The trick here is to use Entropay card for payments. It works because Spotify has recently released in Malta – that’s the country Entropay is based off.

So here’s the process.

  1. Go to Tunnelbear and download the software. It’s a VPN service for accessing US/UK-only websites.
  2. Turn on Tunnelbear and choose US as country. It’ll take a few seconds to connect.
  3. Now go to Spotify and create a new account. Then download apps for your platform.
  4. Now go to Subscription page and add a new payment method.
  5. Now add your Entropay card as a new payment method and your country will be changed to Malta automatically. If you don’t have an Entropay card, create one.
  6. You can now try out the 30-day Spotify Premium trial. As the trial gets expired, your Entropay card will automatically be charged for subscription.

That’s all! With Spotify Premium you can listen to unlimited number of songs on desktop/mobile and even have them for offline listening. All this without a VPN or proxy.

If you couldn’t get the trick working, just leave out a comment. We’ll help you out.


rajkumar January 3, 2014

please give a detail about how to pay with entropay because there is no option for payment with entropay. please give a solution

THANKS in advance………………:D

Vibin January 3, 2014

Go to Subscription page and add your Entropay card as payment method, just like a normal debit/credit card.

Arpan Mukherjee July 2, 2016

Cannot topup with SBI Master card in entropay