RailYatri: Get Push Notifications Alerts on Train Related Updates on Android

Use RailYatri app for Android to set trains, stations and routes as favourites which then can be used to send alerts as push notifications on your phone .

If you are travelling by Indian Railways, it is a little difficult to track train updates on a phone. While IRTC website has its own reputation for being mocked for booking tickets, tracking updates is difficult. There is option of using Rail Radar which tracks train updates on a Google Map layout. Personally, I found RailYatri a useful website on my last train travel and hence I was tested out their Android app released recently.

Get updates from your favourite trains, routes and stations
Get updates from your favourite trains, routes and stations

The RailYatri app allowed me to choose from over 5000 trains and 8000 location. I could also set some stations and certain routes as my favourites. The big change is the push notification on various alerts like train delays and more. This means we do not have to track train status on a PC or phone but get updates automatically.

Ideally the app will use stations and trains marked favourites to push notifications on the phones. The alert cards on the app will show details like train cancellations, delayed start, accident sites, fog updates and more. So ideally these favourites should be set as soon as your trip is planned and not just on the day of the journey.

If you do not own an Android phone, try using the RailYatri.in website and set SMS alerts for updates on certain trains and routes.

Do try out the app and drop in your comments.

Link: RailYatri Android App