Storing Data On SVN(subversion) Repository For Windows OS

While coding, we come across a situation where we need to revert back some heavy changes to the source code, but we could not find it anymore, eventually it becomes difficult to trackback and we end up wasting a lot of time and energy, this is where SVN comes to our rescue. In this article I am going to assist you how to manage data on SVN.

SVN or Subversion is an open source tool used for revision control or in other words it’s an online repository in which data can me stored. It is widely used by popular open source project as their version control program. I use it for my WordPress projects.

Tortoise SVN is a Subversion client, easy to use revision control, implemented as a windows shell extension. Since it is not integrated with specific IDE will be using it with NetBeans.

How to go about it


  • Restart your computer if required.
  • Extract WordPress to a folder say DemoFolder.
  • Create a folder on SVN repository say SVN-data.

  • Create a folder trunk in SVN-data.
  • Export default twentyten theme to trunk, which is under Theme folder (local machine –> SVN repository).


  • Now SVN checkout to your local machine under theme folder.



  • After any changes you can commit the data so that it can be stored on the online repository. Now you can see there is .svn folder is in your twenty ten theme with all green folder icon.


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  1. just one question, when i edit something in my file, the repository become exclamation mark, can you explain me something about that? thx before..

    ps: i use turtoise svn for gameserver L2j

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