How would you Celebrate Christmas this year?

Christmas, related with snow, sledge, gifts and above all Santa Claus. But do children or youngsters think about all this now on Christmas?

I bet there are many who think about Facebook applications such as know your best friend this Christmas, or tag photographs this Christmas. Status messages like ‘Wish you all a Merry Christmas’ will be seen on every Facebook Profile. Facebook or social media usage is always increased during this festive season.

There can be many ways of looking at it. Facebook is the easiest way to communicate with all your friends and family. Imagine you are free, you are on leave and sitting in front of your laptop with Facebook open. The easiest way to wish everyone is write your wishes for everyone on your status message.

The other way can be send personalized messages to all your friends on their Facebook wall or Facebook messages. So, this is so easy you wished everyone and you didn’t even mind doing it. But should that be done ? Were holidays and festive seasons created for such purpose? No, no matter how much we are living in this internet world and can’t imagine our lives without Facebook or twitter, we do need real friends and real lives. Everyone even Mark Zuckerberg will love to receive gifts that are real. A life different from Facebook.

This is for what holidays are. To let you enjoy, meet friends, exchange gifts and share some quality time with everyone you love! I am not saying don’t use Facebook but get out of Facebook and twitter once. 🙂 I wish all my readers Merry Christmas. Feel free to comment. 🙂

Published by Himadri Dimri

Editor - rtBlogs Network